Friday, October 28, 2011

American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting/CHEST 2011

Vision-Sciences showcased their revolutionary EndoSheath® Pulmonology product line at the American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The meeting ran from October 22nd through the 26th.  At the CHEST meeting, as it is typically referred to, attendees visited sessions focusing on numerous curriculum areas such as Biotechnology, Lung Cancer, Respiratory Care, Pulmonology Procedures, and Critical Care.  Also, the CHEST meeting featured Original Investigations and Poster Grand Rounds, a Clinical Resource Center, Coding and Reimbursement Consultations, Keynote Address speakers, and Continuing Education Courses.

An all new feature at CHEST this year was the Centers of Excellence, a special dedicated area for programs and practices that improve health-care outcomes.  Providers presented the outstanding characteristics and practices that make them unique in touchdown stations that complemented the themes presented in the Center of Excellence.  Attendees interacted with experts to hear what has made them successful in patient care.

The ACCP Simulation Center also enhanced attendees’ learning in a hands-on clinical environment.  The center featured sophisticated equipment and skilled faculty to help develop the cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills needed for optimal patient care across a variety of situations.

Vision-Sciences was exhibiting the pioneering EndoSheath® Video Bronchoscopy, which offers pulmonologists a sterile, disposable alternative to conventional bronchoscopy.  EndoSheath® technology affords a sterile instrument for each patient and a rapid scope turn-around time for physicians.  The compact size of the overall video system makes it perfect for bedside procedures or tight quarters such as a busy ICU.  

To learn more about EndoSheath® Bronchoscopy, visit HERE.

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