Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bloomberg TV's Pimm Fox talks to Dr. Jonathan Aviv

Vision-Sciences' pioneering EndoSheath Transnasal Esophagoscopy technology featured during a discussion with Dr. Jonathan Aviv on the "Taking Stock" show with Pimm Fox.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vision-Sciences at the American Thoracic Society meeting in Denver (ATS2011)

Vision-Sciences, along with 175 other companies, aren’t missing the opportunity to exhibit recent pharmaceutical and medical equipment advances relating to the prevention and treatment of respiratory disease at the ATS Exhibit Hall.  

The American Thoracic Society’s International Conference, currently being held through May 18th, 2011, in Denver, CO, is recognized as the world’s premier educational program for researchers and clinicians in adult and pediatric pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine.  With 500 sessions, 800 speakers and nearly 6,000 original scientific research abstracts and case reports, ATS 2011 offers physicians a broad spectrum of topics, including COPD in non-smokers, obesity and clinical implications for the Pulmonary and Critical Care physicians, and lung diseases in those deployed to the Middle East.

Other exchanges of information are taking place during Daily Product Theaters.  Attendees enjoy lunch while hearing about specific drugs and devices related to pulmonary, critical care, or sleep medicine.

Peter Hackett, MD, was the first person to climb alone from Mt. Everest's high camp to its summit and survive. An internationally recognized expert in altitude medicine, Dr. Hackett shared his insights at the ATS 2011 opening address on Saturday afternoon.  After Dr. Hackett presented "High Science: Colorado, Everest and Beyond," attendees gathered for the Fellows & Junior Professionals Exchange and the ATS Foundation's third-annual dinner, which benefits the Society's Research Program.

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Vision-Sciences was exhibiting EndoSheath Bronchoscopy.

For more on this pioneering technology, please visit: EndoSheath Bronchoscopy at